E24 - Black Power


Three matches featuring strong, powerful and very erotic black ladies from this early erotic offering from Festelle Video. Great early action that set the tone for much more to come!


More E24 - Black Power

E34 - Pam's Nude Debut


Hailing from Mauritius, this is Pam's first experience of erotic wrestling... she is an absolute natural and features in two great and very sexy matches on this tape. Pam is now a firm Festelle favourite!


More E34 - Pam's Nude Debut

E35 - Love And War


Another two highly sexy encounters on this tape - the first match is a quite serious exploration and the second more light hearted but equally as erotic. Great erotic straddle action.


More E35 - Love And War

E39 - Getting To Grips


Three more erotic matches in this third part of an exciting and sexy trilogy featuring the ever popular and happy-go-lucky Pam... We told you she would be a star and she just goes from good to better!


More E39 - Getting To Grips

E46 - On Heat


These two matches make an interesting contrast in that the first is between two women from Eastern Europe & the second between home-grown contestants. Both continue Festelle's tradition of excellent erotic straddle matches.


More E46 - On Heat

E49 - Boot Straddle


Possibly the best topless straddle since E11 - Straddle Challenge for combining sexy girls struggling for face-sitting dominance. Three matches on this title - well worth the download price


More E49 - Boot Straddle

E52 - Locked Bodies


Two energetic matches culminating in steamy straddle sessions. One of the matches takes place outdoors giving it an extra sexy feel. Indoor and outdoor outdoor straddle for the price of one!


More E52 - Locked Bodies

E53 - Straddle Clash


Possibly the best topless straddle since E11 - Straddle Challenge for combining sexy girls struggling for face-sitting dominance. Three matches on this title. Face sitting erotic straddle action.


More E53 - Straddle Clash

E54 - An Apple A Day


Three super sexy erotic matches features the lovely Apple... Fruity, horny, raw sexuality oozes in each of these great matches. Fruity - Apple... do you get it???? Hehehehehe!!!


More E54 - An Apple A Day

E56 - Tights Straddle 4


Vixen is in her element in contests of this type. Matched up against Morgan and Lucretia sexual fireworks explode - with the added touch of super sexy sheer tights. Nylon fans will love this!


More E56 - Tights Straddle 4

E58 - Exquisite Straddle


A tape for fans of nude black v white straddles where the emphasis is on sexy straddle pins. Three matches on this tape and each are sexy and provocative inter racial encounters.


More E58 - Exquisite Straddle

E68 - Tights Straddle 6


This is the latest in the ever-popular 'Tights Straddle' series and one which maintains the earlier high standard. There are two black v white matches and both of them are won by the white girl.


More E68 - Tights Straddle 6

E72 - Striving Straddle


Three matches on this title - all equally as sexy as each other with one girl trying to get the better of the other. If you like sexy straddle you will love this title, and then some more!


More E72 - Striving Straddle

E80 - Demi Struggles

A must for fans of beautiful women in erotic combat. Three sensual encounters between stunning women who are not afraid to fight and perform for the cameras... some amazing naked straddle sequences throughout!

More E80 - Demi Struggles

E83 - Boot Camp 6


Festelle’s famous ‘Boot Camp’ series is tailor made for those of you who enjoy seeing hot-bodied young women wearing nothing but black, high-heeled boots writhing, tussling and stimulating each other to sexual, smothering submission.


More E83 - Boot Camp 6

E85 - Struggling Straddle 2


Erotic domination wrestling at its best, with face-sitting and erotic supremacy. The woman dominates the other incurring moans of anger and humiliation from the trapped female while the victrix sits proudly on her face.


More E85 - Struggling Straddle 2

E87 - Boot Camp 7


This is one series that must be unique even in the multi-faceted world of erotic wrestling. Where else can you see high quality erotic and domination wrestling fought by the sexiest of girls wearing literally nothing save high-heeled, black leather boots?


More E87 - Boot Camp 7

E90 - Black Power 3


Featuring entirely nude action, this title is one of those guaranteed to live in the memory thanks to its combination of face-sitting sub/dom sensuality and wrestling action.


More E90 - Black Power 3

E92 - Kat Straddles


When girls struggle for dominance with one another, perhaps the most final and triumphal method of victory for one over the other is the straddle – the victrix sitting on her opponent’s face, grinding her buttocks and pussy into the other girl’s features.


More E92 - Kat Straddles

E96 - Black Straddles


This excellent topless title will satisfy at least two of our most requested criteria – sexy straddle wrestling with protracted facesitting, and black women controlling white women! In this popular series, our hottest girls go head in head to sexually dominate!


More E96 - Black Straddles

E98 - PVC Straddle Girls


In the main feature on this special interest straddle DVD, Kim and Ayla face off wearing skimpy PVC outfits, one a busty blonde, the other a tall, tattooed Goth girl. Both wear high heeled boots to compliment their figure-hugging...


More E98 - PVC Straddle Girls

SP34 - Wet T-Shirt Wrestling


This tape has it all - stunning girls in tantalising wet skintight T-shirts wrestling with erotic straddles... A brilliant erotic title and very different from almost everything else ever shot!


More SP34 - Wet T-Shirt Wrestling


The latest offering from Straddle Productions sees two great storyline matches with very sexy girls in different scenarios. The first match has to be seen to appreciate the significant of the 'Top Banana' title!


More SP43 - Top Banana / Asian Mush

SP67 - Cattanooga Chew Chew

Don’t be misled by this DVD’s bizarre title. Over the course of an hour you can expect to see some of the sexiest women imaginable lose their tops and their tempers on the mat, thanks to this double feature.


More SP67 - Cattanooga Chew Chew

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