E74 - Sundance's Living Dream

Two saucy encounters featuring Sammy-Jane, Sundance, Tigger and the ever-sexy Lucy in more erotic action. Fans of breast fondling and caressing will love this title - recommended!

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FV139 - Bully Girls

For lovers of breast squeezing and slapping and stomach bouncing. Two matches on this title with the 2nd being a storyline catfight of the highest quality! Double trouble fo sure!

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FV154 - Bully Schoolgirls

Continuing the brilliant Bully Girls series with a storyline twist - both matches are between 'schoolgirls' who end up arguing and eventually fighting with one being absolutely dominated.

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FV159 - Bully Girls 2

This is for those of you who enjoy seeing a larger black woman thoroughly dominate a smaller white one. In the first episode black Amazon China and petite Andrea are comparing newly-bought underwear. Andrea's admiration turns to China...

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FV174 - Bully Girls 3

The 'Bully Girls' series has proved very popular with its focus on a heavy girl sitting on a light girl's stomach, and this, the latest in the series, is a most worthwhile addition. No doubts!

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FV178 - Sam's Diary (Part 1)

One for lovers of lower body straddles - set of with a storyline theme. 2 matches on the tape with some good wrestling action in the second (match 2 not currently available for download).

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FV191 -Turnaround Is Fair Play

Primarily a storyline catfight title, FV191 features two matches that features lengthy (some 40-minutes each) lower-stomach straddles so is included here for fans of lower stomach sitting encounters.

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FV214 -Bully Girls 5

The long awaited successor to FV184 - a classic stomach sitting title through and through. Two glamorous larger ladies thoroughly dominate their smaller victims - one match is topless the other in bikinis.

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FV228 - TV Audition

Sammy M tries to scare her rival out of auditioning for a forthcoming TV programme but Sammy-J is a big woman and made of stern stuff... As Sammy M soon finds out from below!

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FV246 - Bully Girls 6

In the first encounter huge black Dominique (the biggest girl ever to feature for Festelle at a daunting 245lbs) is unhappy at (the very cute) Rachel visiting her boyfriend... Trouble ahead!

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FV252 - White Bully Girls

Aficionados of the genre will be familiar with the great many titles that depict black girls beating up or dominating less athletic or weaker white girls. Now itís time for something different. How does a total reversal sound?

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