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M4 - Mixed Wrestling

An early mixed wrestling release from Festelle, but it remains one of the best for genuinely competitive and sometimes nasty mixed wrestling. 5 great matches with something al mixed fans will enjoy.

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M5 - Anglo-American Mixed Wrestling

Excellent international mixed wrestling. Strong girls Maggie and Lynda show great style and aggression, while busty Karen soon suffocates her male opponent with her DD breasts.

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M10 - Mixed Blessings

A brilliant mix of mixed matches! The first bout is one of the most competitive ever seen, and then 2-on-1 domination is the theme - something for everyone!

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M13 - Mixed Wrestling

Storyline and early erotic mixed wrestling in this 3-encounter title. Featuring the stunning blonde Danni and dark skinned Laura poor Paul really suffers at their hands - individually & collectively!

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M16 - Man Or Mouse?

Erotic mixed wrestling at it's very best. Chris features in both matches and his groping gets him into trouble with Sammy and then Lucy... who is goaded on by Sammy.

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M17 - Competitive Mixed Wrestling (Inc. 'To Catch A Swindler')

Four matches on this tape... 3 very genuinely competitive wrestling matches including a very nasty encounter between Danni & Stephen, and rounded off with a storyline mixed match, 'To Catch A Swindler'.

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M32 - Choked Out

John takes on three different girls in this tape with the emphasis very much on choke holds. John winds up severely red-faced and it's not just through embarassment!

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M33 - Not His Day

Another great mixed title from Festelle. Two long matches where Robert meets his match firstly against Lucy who dangles her tits right in his face and then against two stunning beauties who punish him!

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M38 - Newlyweds

Two lengthy matches on this title... Samantha-Jane in saucy sheer undies subjects first Glen and then poor Clyde to some of the longest pins ever seen.

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M42 - All Nude Showdown

This highly charged title breaks new ground for Festelle featuring guys and girls nude. The guys obviously aroused by the encounter and the girls aware of this and use it to their advantage.

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M46 - Fancy A Licking?

Over an hour of pure eroticism in this release - no wrestling as such as the action concentrates of naked face sitting and mutual satisfaction. Quite possible the most erotic mixed title yet released by Festelle.

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M48 - When The Cat's Away

Robert C takes on no less than three girls in this tape... and there's double trouble in his first encounter. Stunning girls that clearly love the upper hand!

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M49 - Reeny's Glory

Two competitive matches on this tape... First of Harry loses his shorts in a competitive match against Reeny and then Andrew suffers at the hands of Kelice.

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M50 - The Great Gonzo 4

The Great Gonzo is back for more in this tape where he goes up against two different ladies. He suffers at the hands of one and manages to pull off a draw against the other. Great action!

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M51 - Andrew Struggles

The title is appropriate for this super-long tape! In the first match Andrew struggles in vain and loses more than just the match... and in the second he doesn't fair much better either.

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M52 - Rob The Wrestler

Rob takes on first Lucy and then Erika and suffers at the hands, legs and thighs of both! The girls where sheer bodystockings and leotards and look stunning whilst inflicting punishment on poor Rob.

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M53 - Harry's Licking

This is one of our most highly-charged mixed films ever! The title describes perfectly the action, as Harry is straddled by two beautiful black ladies and licks until climax... A stunningly erotic mixed title.

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M54 - Andrew Victorious

Andrew takes on Autumn and Lucretia in two very hard fought competitive wrestling matches. As the title suggests, Andrew comes out on top but certainly doesn't have an easy time of it to get there.

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M63 - Samantha Enjoys

Two very different matches in this storyline domination title... prolonged stomach sitting in the first and lots of smothering and foot fetish work in the 2nd match where the Dominatrix is nude.

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M67 - Andrew Struggles 3

Angry Andrew is back as he takes on two powerful, beautiful, young, black ladies. One match outdoors at the height of summer, the other more traditionally on mats but both highly energetic and genuinely competitive.

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M69 - Keep Licking

Roger and Richard take on Red and Vixen respectively in a highly erotic mixed enounter. Without any doubt the most explicit mixed title yet released with some very intimate close-ups!

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M71 - Won't Clean My Car?

The foolhardy Nick is back and this times refuses to wash 'girlfriend' Lucretia's car... mistake! As if that wasn't enough, he is then subjected to an Estonian Amazon. Poor boy!!!

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M72 - The Great Gonzo 7

In this seventh instalment of classic female domination, The Great Gonzo has clearly bitten off more than he can chew when he takes on Cherry and then Starr, two beautiful and exceptionally well endowed young ladies.

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M75 - Asian Dom

This extraordinary pairing of matches sees beautiful and talented girls of Asian descent utterly destroying their male opponents. In both cases it doesn’t take long for the unfortunate guys to plead for mercy...

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M76 - Rob The Wrestler 4

Unperturbed by the endless hammerings he has received at the hands of Festelle’s wrestling ladies, Rob is back to boldly go where he has been so many times before this time against Kirsty & Megan...

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M77 - Lickin' Lucy

Highly erotic mixed action that Festelle is now famous for... George and Nick lick out Lucy and Autumn respectively in steamy mixed sexual domination action. Awesome!

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M78 - Tanya On Top

Simon has a gruelling time against heavyweight Tanya in a real match and the Great Gonzo returns in a more light-hearted affair against the stunning leggy Michelle.

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M79 - Danica Dominates

What a find Danica is! A very classy, educated and cultured lady with huge breasts who clearly enjoys dominating her unfortunate victims. Dressed in a black leather skirt and fishnet stockings a suspenders she first meets Nick...

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MR1 - Playing It Rough

A marathon and very real mixed wrestling match from Russia. Kami takes on Kostya in match that lasts fractionally short of an hour and both of them go hard at it. It's a rough match that leaves them battered and bleeding!

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MWU10 - Big Breasted Domination

The first match is a competitive affair shot in the USA and featuring Sharon Marvel. The second match is very energetic Festelle competitive mixed match.

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MWU17 - Sharon Marvel

The first match is a competitive affair shot in the USA and featuring Sharon Marvel. The second match is very energetic Festelle competitive mixed match.

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MWU18 - Girls Gone Wilder

Fairly serious non-topless mixed wrestling. Two matches, the first of which is from the States and the second home grown action from Festelle.

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MWU26 - Muscly Roxy

Mixed Wrestling USA provides us with another great mixed title from across the pond. Willie is a brave guy to be taking on Roxy – well, brave or stupid!

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MWU73 - Paid To Smother

Here Maryanne proves her versatility by thoroughly smashing a hopeless male opponent in the wrestling ring. Our second feature, also 30 minutes long, is equally satisfying for smother fans. Festelle fave Lucy tortures and squeezes a plainly excited and breathless Jimmy.

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MWUT5 - Mixed Tournament

Back Alley Gym are back with another mixed tournament!  It follows their usual format - noisy and ebullient yes, but they have a happy knack of making the viewer feel as though he's there in the flesh.

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SP48 - Fat Daddy's Rib Cage

Two matches on this title - one from Straddle Productions in the USA and another home grown one from Festelle's studio. Both matches feature stunning big breasted girls dominating their male opponents!

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