E4 - Oil Erotic

Five matches on this title featuring some early oil and erotic wrestling. The highlight is definitely the last oil match on the tape featuring two stunning beauties glistening in slippery oil!

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LO1 - Lesbians In Oil 1

Very sexy lesbian sex matches with the girls glistening in oil. A variety of setting give this tape plenty of variety and lots of raunchy action. The first in what proves to be a very successful series.

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LO2 - Lesbians In Oil 2

Continuing the steamy lesbian action from LO1 (above), three great match ups on this title, sexy blondes, sexy brunettes and the shaven Silver make for lesbian love at it's very best!

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LO4 - Lesbians In Oil 4

More steamy erotic lesbian encounters in the 4th release in this series. The beautiful ladies glistening in oil as the discover the most intimate secrets of each others' bodies. Amazing!

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LO5 - Lesbians In Oil 5

Three super erotic lesbian encounters with stunning ladies genuinely enjoying each other with the added eroticism of a slippery oily setting - fantastic! This series just gets better!

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LO6 - Lesbians In Oil 6

The title here says it all. We present three of the most erotic bouts Festelle has ever filmed - expect the screen to crackle with heat and sensuality, as six gorgeous females get to grips with each other in the oil.

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LO7 - Lesbians In Oil 7

The latest in the series of glistening oily romps between gorgeous horny and far from shy ladies who love each other's bodies almost as much as the camera. Enjoy - and enjoy again!

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LO8 - Lesbians In Oil 8

In what has to be another contender for Festelleís sexiest ever DVD, itís a miracle our cameraman could keep the lens straight as we brought together three pairs of gorgeous girls to enjoy sensual action and mutual stimulation...

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OF7 - Oil Frolics

Four very erotic oil matches indoors and out. 8 different girls in total makes for some steamy action when the wrestling takes a back seat to the loving. Sensual slippery action!

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