CV206 - Catfights

Although released on the Crystal label, this title features six nasty and very real fights from the Russian vixens that fight with only one aim in mind... to win - no matter what the cost to their opponent.

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FV171 - From Russia With Rough

Four very hard and real catfights from Russia. These women know how to fight mean and dirty and aren't afraid to hurt their opponent. An early release from Russia that shows great promise.

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FV172 - Russian Roulette

Another four real Russian catfights - each of them in a different setting. Plenty of variety on this and fans of kicking and breast mauling will love it. They breed them hard in the East!

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FV177 - Mayhem In Moscow

Three hard scraps (two topless) between attractive girls. This keeps up the tradition of hard, real, non-nonsense Russian catfights from this producer. Brutal action that you will love.

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FV194 - Vodka Vixens

Another two lengthy real fights from Russia sees four girls go all out against each other and end up displaying their battle scars for all to see. Nothing fake about these beautiful tough Russian ladies.

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FV208 - Seeing Red

No less than five matches on this brutal tape - featuring some of the most violent brawling ever caught on tape. Time and time again the contenders are reduced to tears after suffering extreme pain and humiliation.

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FV219 - Red Brawls

No question about it – this is all-out female fighting with no quarter given or asked. In ‘Red Brawls’ Festelle has teamed up with a Russian partner to offer you four frantic fights featuring dusky and beautiful Russian females.

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FV223 - Russian Catfights

Another four fights from the former Soviet block featuring nasty women with real scores to settle. Clothes are ripped, hair is lost and tears are shed in this latest brutal aggressive release!

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FV229 - Russian Catfights 2

Five fights from the former Soviet block featuring nasty women with real scores to settle. Clothes are ripped, hair is lost and black eyes are earned in this hard hitting title.

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FV234 - Russian Catfights 3

If your taste is for violent, uncompromising, no holds barred catfights, it’s hard to imagine that you’ll see anything better than this all year... Well that is until the next in the series is released!

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FV239 - Russian Catfights 4

The format here is simple – simple and brutal. In five matches, the girls fight – kicking, punching, yanking hair, slapping and wrestling – and they simply carry on fighting until the loser can take no more.

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FV255 - Russian Catfights 5

Anyone already familiar with this series will know what to expect – simply the most aggressive catfighting around. In four hard fought matches, young and beautiful Russian women simply fly at each other, with nothing to lose and no quarter asked. 

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FV258 - Russian Catfights 6

Total aggression and outright nastiness in pursuit of victory is the norm in this excellent series of real catfight DVDs from a Russian producer. This title doesn't disappoint in any way!

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