BA10 - Coral Sands Got Gritty

Two matches with plenty of gusto between attractive and feisty combatants. Both matches are face-sitting combat featuring stunningly attractive girls from the USA. GREAT STUFF!

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BBB2 - Big-Breasted Battles 2

As its name implies this title features well-built women sporting generous bosoms. A mix of competitive and staged/fantasy wrestling amongst the 4-matches - great for fans of big breasts!

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FV9 - Combat Carnival

Busty blonde beauty Honey clashes with Karen in a rough-house catfight. Then she works on Lois in the oil match and gamely trades punches with slim black Sheila... a feast of competitive topless action!

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FV11 - Topless Wrestling

A very early example of competitive topless wresting filmed in front of a live audience in London, England. The picture quality is not as good as later titles as the equipment was not professional but great matches nevertheless.

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FV26 - Championship Bout

The Championship match (one of two on this title) is an epic 30-minute encounter that leaves both combatants exhausted by the end. An older title in terms of production but not in terms of wrestling talent!

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FV29 - On The Mat

Originally released in 1986, this is a welcome DVD dust-off for this classic from the store cupboard, starring top page 3 girl Cindy Milo as Kelly!  She, plus three other breathtakingly sexy young women compete in truly competitive topless wrestling.

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FV57 - English Grudge

Two topless matches on this title with the second being an awesome battle between two ladies who really don't like each other. The action is tough and often nasty and insults fill the air. A very real battle!

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FV64 - Anglo American Apartment Clash

In the confined area of an apartment atmosphere the American girls clash with their British opponents. Some aggressive encounters where tempers fray at times... you'll love the action!

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FV64 - Anglo American Apartment Clash

Attractive karate girl Jill tries real wrestling against strong and tough girls Lynda and Vicky. Determined fighting from all the girls produces top quality bouts with an international flavour.

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FV87 - Combat Carnival 2

Fashioned after our early hugely successful 'Combat Carnival FV9', this title offers a great mix of women's combat, all topless, in front of an audience it features some of the top female fighters active in the world today.

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FV91 - Susan's Challenge

Four battles on this title and all good competitive topless wrestling. (All but one of the fighters appear topless.) There's international and tournament action amongst the gems.

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FV92 - Topless Tournament

Another feast of topless competitive wrestling featuring girls from England , Italy , Germany and Australia. All trained hard to pit their muscles and wits against each other in the ultimate physical challenge.

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FV101 - Sabine In London

Austrian Sabine has three interesting matches and there's also a fourth match on this tape. One of Festelle's best tapes for genuinely competitive topless action. Must see competitive topless wrestling.

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FV102 - Topless Tournament

Five competitive topless matches featuring a combination of black and white wrestlers all with one thing in common... pins, pain and suffering galore! A brilliant topless tournament.

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FV105 - Black Challenges White

Four awesome matches where black women take on white challengers in front of a very vocal live audience. Very competitive and genuine topless wrestling at it's best with a hint of grudges going on too.

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FV106 - Woman To Woman Clash

Four awesome matches where black women take on white challengers in front of a very vocal live audience. Very competitive and genuine topless wrestling spurred on by a crowd!

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FV215 - Blonde vs Brunette Battles

Festelle forged its reputation on competitive topless wrestling and it continues to lead the way, as this superb series of matches confirms. The blondes take on the brunettes with surprising outcomes!

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FV220- Balkan Brawls

Itís titles like this that have made Festelle internationally famous - competitive, topless wrestling between fit and attractive young women, many representing different nations; several of the girls involved are from Eastern Europe.

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SP77- DJ Gets The Duke

As ever with our US partners Straddle Productions, donít be fooled by the unusual titleÖ This is sexy, topless wrestling at its most exciting, and featuring some of the fittest and best looking women in the business.

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